Yumi Hirahara

Yumi Hirahara
Executive Consultant

Yumi is an expert in the field of business negotiation, with 14 years of experience in the development and facilitation of training programs for business communication and negotiation skills. She is noted for the development of negotiation training programs especially tailored to Japanese working women.

Bilingual in English and Japanese, Yumi has provided negotiation training for  government, non-profit, and private organizations particularly in service and financial industries.

Yumi is the author of the Japanese business communication book for women “How to Say What You Want to Without Upsetting Anyone” and the co-author of the Japanese business negotiation textbook “Strategic Negotiation – The Negotiation Professional Training Program”.

Born in Tokyo and educated in the United States, she has spent a total of 18 years abroad, in four different countries including Japan and the U.S.

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