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Roi Seng Hkum
Associate Consultant

Roi Seng Hkum brings a thorough understanding of cross-cultural challenges in communication, team dynamics and leadership to Connect Communication. Working with international NGOs and financial firms in ASEAN, she learned to utilize experiential learning for clients from very diverse backgrounds in terms of industry and culture.

HkumHkum spent 5 years working for a NGO in leadership training and team building in Myanmar where she was training servant leadership, cultural transformation, communication skills, and high performance team through experiential learning and coaching methods. After moving to Hong Kong in 2013 to pursue further education, she started to work freelance for various banks and organizations like UNESCO and World Vision where she continued to provide trainings on teambuilding, and consultation on designing culturally relevant trainings, workshops, experiential activities and interviews.

She earned her bachelor’s degree from the Education University of Hong Kong with first honor majoring in human relation and communication psychology, and recently finished her master’s degree from the University of Hong Kong with distinction majoring in education.

HkumHkum is married and enjoys travelling to new places and visiting people to learn about culture and global issues from an ASEAN perspective. At the same time, she loves hosting and cooking for friends.