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Hardy Law
Associate Consultant

Hardy is an experienced consultant, a UK certified International Trainer, with a Master’s degree in Business and Administration. He has provided consultancy, presentation skills, media handling and negotiation skills training to a large number of corporate clients. He has also conducted tailored initial public offering (IPO) packages for a variety of listed companies, plus one-on-one training and coaching to top management of multi-national corporations and listed companies.

Hardy was Manager, Hong Kong & Macau of an international programme owned by International Hotel and Restaurant Association.  He provided training support and training advice to the Asia Region particularly the PRC, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia and India.

Hardy was an educational instructor in the British Army in the Hong Kong Garrison.   During his 10 years as an instructor, Hardy was responsible for teaching and developing different types of courses to officers and other ranks.

After leaving the British Army, he joined Hong Kong Tourist Association and worked in the Membership Department in its training section where he coordinated and facilitated tour coordinator courses, sales supervisory courses and restaurant supervisory courses. In this tour, he also became a certified trainer of Super Host, another international programme originated from Canada.