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Museum Caper




In Connect Communication’s mystery-themed virtual experiential activity, Museum Caper, participants will work in teams as detectives to track down the culprits of three major robberies using the evidence left at the scene of each crime. By cross-referencing the clues they have received, they will eliminate suspects and identify the true criminal. After each crime is solved, teams will have an opportunity to identify best practices and ways to improve in order to solve the next one more effectively.  

Key Learnings:

• Provide timely feedback that will keep the team progressing to the goal
• Seek understanding to achieve the right result
• Improve accuracy and efficiency of communications
• Create overall clarity and prevent miscommunications 

Number of Participants              Duration                         

15 minimum                                  2.5 hours


Anyone.  This is about changing the way you value information,
peers and colleagues.  Change how you ‘compete’ and learn new approaches to
managing time, communication and resources.


In association with Eagle’s Flight™, Connect Communication’s partner, and leader in experiential learning worldwide